How to take advantage of the ambiguous and sudden world?

11 October 2017
Executive Education INCAE

Imagine yourself sitting trying to concentrate in the center of the most populous square in the world, exposed for a minute in that physical space to a number of messages equal to that placed on the Internet in that same period and that it would take us five years to read. 

It will only take a minute. Try to focus on who you are, what you want, and the information you need to capture from there to keep growing in the midst of such hubbub. Mission impossible, right?

Well, that mission of concentrating yourself, your team and your company in the midst of information floods and small technological revolutions every day, can be facilitated with a few approaches. For that there are also studies and recommendations explained by Camelia Illie, dean of Executive Education at INCAE Business School.

“The goal is not to lose our identity or reason, or our values ​​or the path we seek. The key is to find a way to prevent the wind from blowing us off, and for that there are inputs from science, management and psychology ”, explains Professor Ilie, before presenting some tips for working as a professional, as a leader or as an entrepreneur. 

It begins with a standard that encompasses everything, that of facing complexity with enormous doses of simplicity, with connections to the basic elements of who we are (or is our company). Then come more specific suggestions:

1. Do not solve everything from rationality, because this world is by definition uncertain and because human motivation (true motivation) is highly emotional. The good news is that much better performance is also generated when oxytocin, called “the love hormone,” which has to do with well-being, kindness and kindness, has come into play. "Let's not get obsessed with the overall result but let's celebrate every little win," Ilie advises. 

2. Let's start from something: planning is essential but there will never be enough time for it in this fast-paced world. You can spend a week devising a plan, but after those days the reality may have radically changed. Then? Well, the advice is to develop a planning as agile as possible, getting the idea of ​​reaching a perfect product or service. Nobody can be completely distracted from the speed at which others are going on a road, but it is advisable to be aware of this.

3. It is normal and desirable that we accumulate a considerable amount of stress. Relaxing makes people unmotivated and makes the brain comfortable with leisure. We must try to have healthy volumes of stress, says our teacher. That is, balanced amounts of cortisol and serotonin. Fragor and well-being; pressure of work and pleasure. The problem is that it is not easy to maintain that balance and sometimes the balance tips too much. The good news is that there are indicators to pay attention to: poor sleep, digestive problems, for example. It is not wrong for you to ask yourself 'how am I today?' and his team 'how have you slept lately?'

4. It is not bad to repeat. A pressure quota can be very necessary, especially at critical moments in our business. Sometimes it is convenient to adopt the “sergeant” mode for a moment and then the companion mode. “An authoritarian style can be appropriate and thus I put stress to get out of the crisis, knowing that coaching will come later. Not being a rigid leader, but adaptable. This forces me to be aware of each step and each event of my business ”, explains our expert. 

5. Concentration is vital. Meditation can help. No one will ask you to levitate cross-legged over the documents or the computer, but take a few minutes, 10 or 15, to become aware of the events and the agenda. A short pause to withdraw from the tumult and return to simplicity. It can be very valuable for your present and for the future. Healthy habits, good sleep and smart eating, without neglecting the basics: we are social beings and we live in diverse teams. And our company too, and for it we also want a good and long life. Or not?

Text based on the presentation by Camelia Ilie, Dean of Executive Education, "Leading in exponential times: How to approach the VICA world (Volatil, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).


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