Happiness is also sought in companies

05 October 2017
Executive Education INCAE

It may seem romantic, but it has always been necessary and it is more in these times: business and the work environment should be part of the human path to happiness. That is, they must generate and host happy people.

At a time when professional practice and competition occupy more effort and time than ever, it is convenient to pause to reflect on the possibilities of including happiness in the list of purposes, beyond the definition we give it as the ultimate goal of the life or as a necessary ingredient to live well.

This consideration takes on more importance in the face of the current that calls to work with great determination, but also to live in a balanced way. Good leaders know that a happy person performs better and that better performance helps the person feel happy. It is a virtuous circle that must be cultivated imperatively.

It is clear to the Spanish professor José María Gasalla, visiting professor at INCAE Business School and consultant specialized in human skills in the business environment. After years of studying and working on the subject of happiness in companies, dismantles the dilemma between utopia and reality by posing it as an attitude of life and as an element that motivates the constant search.

'Being' happy is much more than 'being' happy

"Happiness should be a state of principles and not a state of mind," says Gasalla. Only in this way can we speak of a happy person despite the misfortunes and sorrows of life, which can always offer the death of a loved one, a love break, an illness of someone close, the apparent professional failure, a betrayal or a goal that becomes impossible. 

In other words, happiness should not depend on what happens, but should be a tool to face events in the best way. "One thing is the temporary state of mind and another is the inner determination of how to go through life," explains the expert, convinced that a correct attitude makes problems seem easier. That is why he insists on the need to always work on self-confidence.

Happiness is on the way

As it has been raised by Greek philosophers to modern intellectuals, it should be clear that happiness is not a little gem lost in the ground that is sought with relish and fear of not being able to find it. No, happiness is generated during the process of seeking that same happiness and each person will know well which path to take, explains Professor Gasalla when remembering that we are unfinished beings and that process of self-construction and self-knowledge needs to start from the idea of ​​wanting to be congratulations .

It will be the first factor to achieve it and continue to maintain that search for happiness. "The important thing is the aspiration, the path," mentions the specialist before noting that there are important keys to know and exercise.

It is necessary to understand how the concept of freedom is intertwined with happiness, as raised by the Greek philosophers and as evidenced by figures of the stature of Nelson Mandela. 

Just as it is about measuring the happiness index in countries, combinations abound for business environments and it is necessary to understand them to find the right formula.

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