What distinguishes the winning teams?

28 2017 September
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Diversity of theories explain how organizations go so far as to exceed their objectives. For the writer Henry Drummond "A man will never do all that he can do, unless he commits himself to more than he can give." Based on the field of team sport, let's analyze some habits and attributes of the winning teams.

Clarity of purpose 

It is crucial that members are absolutely determined to achieve a realistic, motivating, and difficult goal. In this same sense, they must be aware of the benefits that they will obtain by doing so.

Credible strategy 

Leaders are called to chart the route to success. From your personal credibility you will derive the trust of the group. If the manager is convincing, the team will put their talents at the service of competitive strategy. Leadership!


Instead of exaggerating their virtues, it is essential that the members fully understand their capabilities and limitations. With this, they will dimension the effort to be made and avoid excess stress or harmful boredom.

Measurement and more measurement

The team must be self-critical, it must evaluate its performance in those factors that contribute to success. Only then will he be responsible for improving his numbers in the next challenge. Likewise, each member has to add their own challenges to the collective desire.


If past performance is measured and new goals are set, it is because then there will be strict evaluation of behaviors and results. This habit increases responsibility, commitment and a sense of belonging.

Intense conversation

Not everything will always go as planned; there will be setbacks and crises. The quality of the conversation that takes place between all those involved will determine the time and effectiveness of the response. This must be free, spontaneous and rigorous. The excessive tact to attract attention delays the implementation of urgent corrections.

Celebrate the small

Positive reinforcement is more powerful and effective than recrimination. The members should support each other and applaud small achievements, neglect of details could ruin everything. Minute by minute progress is made, then, there must be the maximum use of each one.

When members act well aligned with these principles, however minimal they may seem, they strengthen cohesion without selfishness and a sense of family; the latter gives rise to humor, which, in turn, redoubles the solidarity intention to win, win and win again. Your strong identity will inspire respect even from your competitors. Are these the same principles that characterize your company or organization?


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