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09 2017 August
Executive Education INCAE

We recently launched the Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) in Washington DC, taught in partnership between the School of Business and the School of Foreign Services of Georgetown University, ESADE and INCAE. 28 senior executives from 21 countries have started the program, speaking 22 languages ​​together. 

With an average of 900 employees under its charge, the group is a clear reflection of globalization and the networking that we currently offer in INCAE's executive programs.

In the month of July we are also developing programs for leaders throughout the American continent. We started in South America, in Paraguay, where we launched a special edition of our Senior Management Program (PAG) and four corporate programs for the Institute of Social Welfare.

We are still in Central America, in Costa Rica, where we started a new edition of Leadership Management and the first edition of Emerging Leaders Program for Women. We ended up in the United States, giving the eighth edition of the Transformation and Change Program of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in Washington DC

At a dizzying pace, which has defined us in recent years, we continue to prepare for the new specialized executive master's degrees (Executive Master in Finance y Executive Master in Operations and Technology) and the most innovative programs in our portfolio that start very soon with focuses on technology, data mining, digital marketing, digital customer management, entrepreneurship and innovation in Silicon Valley.

We are designing these programs to help Latin American leaders compete globally with the best and most innovative tools in the world. For this, our teachers, coaches and experts develop simulations, assessments and their own cases that allow executives who participate in our programs to practice their decisions and develop new skills and competencies in real time.

With our global partners, such as Babson College in San Francisco and Boston, we take Latin American Presidents, CEOs and Directors to know the great global transformations and to think about how they can apply them in their organizations and countries, through Senior Executive Program and Executive MBA.

I invite you to be in contact with us for these and other news. Lifelong learning is our philosophy, and developing Latin American leaders and the region is our purpose..


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