How to provide the best solutions to the customer?

18 July 2017
Executive Education INCAE

The development of the "person" is a central element within the philosophy of Design Thinking used in the Service Design. It is perhaps the most difficult part of the methodology.

This element implies go deep to reveal hidden relationships and associations between objects and actions that are sometimes not obvious and that are required to determine the actions that lead to a successful relationship with customers.

To design relevant solutions that satisfy the customer, You should start by knowing its relevant characteristics: He has a name, profession, habits, preferences and on that basis of anthropological approach, one can be sure of being able to understand him.

One of the central aspects that must be taken into account is asking questions. This has to be an art and you have to train yourself to find the necessary answers to do a job that is satisfactory for all parties.

Two central elements when you are in this step of the process with the client are:

  • Do not accept the first answers as unique
  • Trying to question successively to find the ultimate reasons that explain the user's behavior

Along with these interviews, general information about the client (people, companies, etc.), background and data must be taken into account to analyze them and begin to generate ideas that bring us closer to what they want us to do more precisely and deeply.

That idea generation must have certain rules that must be followed almost millimeter: one conversation at a time, defer judgment, stay focused on the issue, promote outlandish ideas, build on the ideas of others, be visual and graphic, and "quantity better than quality".

From there, behavior patterns must be established, going beyond the obvious and even thinking about reformulating the challenge that had been started in the first instance.

In summary, we can speak of two steps that comprise the entire process:

  • Comment: It's the what? The facts that were documented with the information collected.
  • Interpretation: The why? Once with the information, it is analyzed and interpreted to be clear about what the client wants and to start giving them the best strategies and solutions.

Excerpt from the webinar: "Service Design: creating memorable experiences", dictated by Professor Guillermo Cardoza, Academic Director of the program 'User-Centered Innovation'.

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