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02 of June 2017
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You check out a pair of shoes on the website or in the mobile app of your favorite store. Then it goes to the point of sale. Upon entering, your smartphone will receive information on promotions or a personalized offer according to your habits, thanks to a beacon.

It is a device about the size of a coin, small enough to be fixed on a wall or counter. The beacon emits a Bluetooth wireless technology signal, with a maximum range of 50 meters.

Digital marketing, including online advertising and apps, is evolving rapidly as a result of the use of new technologies (such as big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics) and competition in the global marketplace.

Firms such as Google and Facebook have raised a battle to lead promotions and offers aimed at users. Also in competition are services such as Applovin, AdColony and Clickmob, among others, that fight for advertising on mobile phones.

"There are changes every day," warned Irene Rosich, project director of the local firm Paprika Digital. “The algorithms of the scopes change, the Facebook guideline, the costs ... Digital does not rest. New phenomena are always being born and it is necessary to rethink everything again ”.

Added to this is the difficulties in reaching audiences, as more users turn to digital ad blocking tools.

According to comScore, which conducts studies in the field of digital marketing globally, 71% of consumers aged 18-24 are willing to block online advertising. 100% of men and 42% of women in those ages would not hesitate to use this type of system.

Multiple systems

In reality, there is no list to check what are the activities and technological tools of the digital market. There are some basic areas and activities that every business should consider.

Companies have at their disposal multitudes of solutions to implement marketing plans through email, mobile, ads, social networks, virtual conferences (webinars) and video. Also for design, direct communication, personalization and optimization in web searches.

At the same time there are solutions for the operation of all this: management, projects, business intelligence, marketing data and marketing analytics. 

Available technology can take advantage of various customer service systems (CRM), automation, and e-commerce. In turn, databases, cloud services, web and app development systems, and big data are used.

Tools like Google Analytics are rather basic. On the other hand, with social listening –monitoring of social networks– comments are classified by emotions and influencers are identified, among other things.

Xavier Castellnou, a professor at the International Marketing Institute, added that companies must begin to take into account the new technologies of augmented reality and virtual reality in their efforts aimed at consumers.

The use of digital marketing tools depends on the segmentation, the strategy and the campaign or promotional project of the company to retain its customers with individualized offers. These offers are based on your tastes and preferences, but go beyond offering pants if you bought a shirt.

"In digital marketing we have a lot of behavioral and geographic location information to personalize the offer," said Alfredo Rojas, director of the local firm Baum Digital.


Excerpt from the article published by the Costa Rican weekly The financial.


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