Stop studying customers and ... feel like them!

05 de Enero 2017
German Retana

Even one day a year, pretend to be a customer of your own company. Call on the phone, go to their service areas, visit their offices, line up and feel what the people who hold the finances experience, from which you earn your salary or dividends. It is good to hire consultancies to measure customer satisfaction, but What if, in addition, you feel what they live? ', you may be in for a surprise.

When calling by phone, for example, you will notice the waiting time, the repetitive "music" that impatient those who only want to do business with your company. When you stay at your own hotel, you will check the condition of the beds, the shower and the sometimes tortuous procedure to connect to the Internet or check out.

If you dress up for dinner at the restaurant that you manage, you will corroborate the treatment, the speed of the service, the comfort of the chairs, the cleanliness of the toilets and the reaction of the waiter when you tell him that something is wrong or that you have doubts about the menu.

In short, the possibilities are unlimited, but they are summarized in: "Do, live and feel the same as your client."

Now imagine that for one day, each one of the people in the company does this, do they realize all the learning that they will receive as a reward? It is frustrating to deal with a routine process in a company and believe, as if it were, that it is the first time they have done it, given the ineptitude, the time, the "red tape", the inconsideration and the disrespect for the client.

"Mom, if you understand me, I'll listen to you!" Say the grateful children. And that also applies to collaborators: "Boss, if I know that you understand me, I'll follow you!" When was the last time you did the day-to-day tasks that your team members perform, such as serving customers directly, to name one, during an afternoon?

If you are a general or area manager, board a mass product distributor vehicle at four in the morning to accompany those who do that task every week one day a year, experiencing vicissitudes that possibly no member of the management team knows about. It is not a short visit to listen to complaints or compliments, but to feel for eight hours, which marks the motivation and work environment, from the grassroots.

Successful world-class corporations do just this as a preamble to redesign and create products, to thoroughly transform their internal processes, and to smash routines that offend their own internal discourses and external promises.

If you are in a managerial position, have lunch tomorrow at the same facility as most of the staff, if you work in direct customer service, get on the other side of the window with a determination to learn and improve.

Don't just study your clients, feel like them! The reward will be found in the finances of your company and in the quality of the work environment. Accept the invitation?

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