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November 08 2016
Executive Education INCAE

This is the last straw, we went back to the same place; no matter what we do, in the end everything is the same again! " "I try to get away and change, but it ends the same!" "That has nothing to do with me, but it's getting me!" "I have a harmful and addictive relationship, but I can't end it!" Do these statements sound familiar? There are organizations tied to unproductive concepts, people or traditions that condemn themselves to inertia, dependency, or stagnation.

Inertia is a state of rest or autonomous movement that remains unchanged by the indifference or conformism of the members of a team. The actions seem to be directed by an automatic pilot, invisible and anonymous. Those who could change this story do not react, they are almost absent. Then a hitch persists at work rates without intensity or correct direction. Routine and lack of innovation are close relatives of inertia.

Dependence, on the other hand, happens when nothing moves without the consent of certain actors who have a monopoly on decisions. This is convenient for those who are hooked on the idea that they are not protagonists of the development of their team. Concentration of power, bureaucracy and addiction to superior approval prevent the display of judgment and talents. "I prefer that my bosses decide, they are responsible!". According to the popular expression, in such an environment "no insects fly unless the boss approves their flight plan."

Finally, stagnation is born in comfort. The absence of ambition and awareness of the urgency to change hooks the organization to a way of doing things that consolidates unproductive traditions and practices. Creativity is obstructed, challenge immobilized and the appetite for improvement is sedated. It is difficult to progress in an adverse environment for those who challenge their bosses and colleagues to produce better results.

Sometimes these hooks attract people with little critical sense, without life plans or who, paradoxically, have the good will to question but little strength to persist in changing the course. Some end up folding, others out of the team, but there will always be a dynamic handful that continues to work incessantly and affirms: “Whatever happens, I will not get caught up in mediocrity; If everyone wants to continue in crisis, I won't! ”.

Blissfully, there are organizations that have critical, interdependent, dissatisfied, inspiring and visionary members who flatly refuse to be victims of inertia, dependency or stagnation. They are protagonists of radical changes with a positive impact for all. Are you one of these who won't get hooked?


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