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INCAE shone at the IXL Spring 2016 Innovation Olympics

22 of June 2016 (Susan Fernandez)

INCAE shows once again the high level of its students. Six MBA 2017 students won first place in one of the regional competitions (Latin America) of the IXL Spring 2016 Innovation Olympics, beating renowned universities such as Erasmus University in Holland, EAN University in Colombia, Metropolitan University in Venezuela, and Hult International Business School of Massachusetts.

The event organized by the global innovation consultancy IXL sought that students from different universities will carry out consultancies for the 17 companies involved. In each competition, several teams work in a consultancy for a certain company and this company chooses the best job. Initially, three INCAE teams participated in the competition consulting with different companies. One team achieved victory in one of the competitions.

The group made up of Fiona Vivaldi from France, Mario Cuevas and Luisa Guzmán from Guatemala, Francisco Vera from Venezuela, Ángela Chong from Peru, and Berny Chavarría from Costa Rica, worked for almost two months with the Guatemalan company that distributes steel and construction materials. called Candisa, the representatives of the company defined who did a better job within five groups that carried out said consultancy.

The support of INCAE Career Services, Masters and Faculty from the beginning was essential to achieve this achievement. "We feel great support from Career Services who gave us the contact, and from Mr. Luis Umaña Timms, INCAE Executive Director of Master's Programs for motivating us to participate and work hard. We also appreciate the support of Professor Pedro Raventós, since he gave us a session to raise the issue and seek focus "commented Mario Cuevas.

And it is that for INCAE it is of utmost importance to support its students to develop their skills to innovate and become agents of change for the region. "It is of great value that our students demonstrate what they are capable of, inside and outside the classroom, the excellent training provided by INCAE and their extensive capabilities are good reasons for them to participate in activities such as the IXL Spring 2016 Innovation Olympics, We are very happy with this achievement that belongs to all the Incaístas ", commented Vinnitsa Leytón, Associate Director of Career Services at INCAE.

The victory achieved by this group of students is the result of a joint effort that involved participating, working on the project and continuing to study at the master's degree. The effort was awarded an IXL certificate of innovation and $ 4,000, and the students are proud to have raised the INCAE name. What follows for the students are next meeting with Candisa to be able to put the results into practice.

"They are a source of pride for our institution. I know how difficult it has been to dedicate time to this project without neglecting its obligations at INCAE, so it is a double merit. Congratulations!", Commented Luis Umaña Timms, INCAE Executive Director of Masters.

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