Agreement between Prodigy Finance and INCAE will help foreign students finance up to 80% of the master's degree | INCAE

Agreement between Prodigy Finance and INCAE will help foreign students finance up to 80% of the master's degree

14 of June 2016 (Esteban Zolezzi)

Anyone interested in taking the MBA at the most prestigious business school in Central and South America, according to the 2016 Financial Times ranking, will now no longer be hampered by economic issues. INCAE has signed a new agreement with Prodigy Finance, an online platform that seeks to provide financial aid for graduate programs.

Now, thanks to this agreement, all admitted foreign students will be able to receive financial aid for up to 80% of all expenses incurred during the MBA: tuition, food, daily activities, and other costs of living. Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans may use the funding only for the master's degree that is not carried out on the campus located in their country.

The conditions to obtain this financing are very easy to fulfill, which expands the financing possibilities and even more importantly, it is accessed without having to have endorsements or guarantors of any kind.

For Prodigy Finance The objective of an alliance like this is to help finance the studies of people who want to improve and get ahead: "Around 65% of MBA students have serious problems obtaining bank credits for their studies and they are young people from around the world, with high academic potential, "Cameron Stevens, CEO of Prodigy Finance.

The students benefiting from this will have a grace period for the study time plus six months after graduation, and will be able to negotiate a payment over a period of seven or ten years, with the possibility of paying it in advance, without incurring penalties.

"At INCAE we have been concerned about giving access to the high quality education provided by the institution to those who need financing options, since only in this way can we unleash all the potential that exists in the region and generate the positive leaders that we so badly need to develop. Latin America ", explains Luis Umaña Timms, Executive Director of Master's Programs.

The application process is very simple. Those interested should enter the page, fill out the application and attach your admission letter to INCAE; then Prodigy Finance will make a study of the potential of each person and prepare personalized loan conditions.

Those interested must apply two weeks before the start of the program as the deadline. For more information and all the details of the master's degrees that INCAE offers, you can contact the Financial Aid department at the mail


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