"The tools that I obtained in the PAG have been fundamental for my professional development"

May 31 2016
Executive Education INCAE

Natalia Romero knew how to turn her journalist career around, and today she holds a position as an investment promotion executive in the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (Cinde), where, together with her work team, she is in charge of promoting investment. foreigner in the country.

Meetings with investors and convincing them why Costa Rica is the best country to do business is already part of their daily life.

"We do prospecting, we analyze companies, we see how there is investment opportunity, we go on business trips and participate in fairs as a way to promote foreign direct investment," says Natalia, 35 years old.

His current professional success is the result of his decision to make the leap from journalism to the business world. In that transitional stage, in 2014, he led the Senior Management Program (PAG),from INCAE Business School, because he wanted to complement the master's degree in Marketing that he had obtained.

She projected her life outside of television, where she was a journalist of events and then went on to do special reports for the noon edition on channel 7. When she left the television station, she worked for the program 7 Days.

He wanted to see himself from another perspective, to enrich his experience and academic level. "I knew that being at the Incae was going to be an important tool for me," he says.

She was very clear that at some point she could take on more weighty challenges and wanted to acquire the necessary tools so that when a job opportunity came, she could take on the challenge with confidence.

For her, the PAG has been the complement to a series of relevant experiences. "The marketing part marked me because it is very related to me," he says.

Among the most relevant of his time at the PAG, the case study stands out. It was very beneficial for her to learn to analyze the experience of successful companies and why they manage to stay on top. In fact, it is what he does today, trying to convince investors why investing in Costa Rica pays off.

“Many of the tools and the friction that I had in the PAG I am using now. They have been fundamental for my professional development in the business area ”, he affirms.

From PAG it also seemed relevant to learn about human capital and how many businesses succeed when they instill in people a sense of belonging.

Natalia Romero does not stop learning and is currently taking an IDB virtual course on free trade agreements.

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