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Candidates for the Museum of Ancient Management

April 15 2016
German Retana

Are there people in your organization whose management style you would like to “donate” to the Ancient Management Museum because it kills innovation? Analyze these candidates, they are all recurring in the management literature, and if you have one around, watch out: their attitudes can be contagious.

"The know-it-all." Whatever the topic, grab the floor and decide for others. Why are those who are close to thinking if their ideas will not be taken into account? It is the classic "I know, I know" of someone who is said to have a sea of ​​knowledge but one meter deep.

"The demolition of ideas." The one who always argues: "This is not for us, our company is different", with this the new approaches are discarded without ever having been exposed. Of course, your own "suggestions" become orders.

"The wellspring of expertise." He often says: “I am the most experienced, you are newbies; I, on the other hand, have already gone through all the departments ”. He believes himself the owner of the truth and a monopoly of wisdom. The contributions of the new members die in the attempt to be taken into account.

"The recycler". They arrive new and eager for power. Your first decision will reflect contempt for the creators of what exists. "This is the latest in fashion, the most advanced, the modern," they boast. However, sometimes they are just bombastic recyclers of well-known approaches.

"The doctor No." Being an expert in routines, he rejects all changes, his smell of negativity drives away the will of innovators. His stubbornness prevents him from considering other ways of doing things and condemns him to repeat his mistakes, and his mediocrity interrupts the birth of new works.

"The perfectionist." Obsessed with having all the resources and with the excellence of the people around him, he paralyzes the organization. Nothing starts unless success is fully guaranteed. Its outrageous rigor cripples valuable initiatives.

"The mocker." It lacks “neurons” to innovate, the ones it has are barely enough to make fun of other people's ideas; his sarcasm anesthetizes proactive people, who would rather go unnoticed than expose themselves to ridicule from those bosses or colleagues.

"The hunter of agendas." "They are buying computers to attack me, who am a" Bachelor of Abaco ", they sent me to this seminar to test someone in my position," they express suspiciously. All changes are perceived, by them, as a persecution.

"The pulpero." It is similar to a small street vendor where there is almost everything, but in small quantities. Everything is "tiny" in his mind. It is said that when they run they sound "tac, tac, tac", because their "tiny brain" hits against the skull. They are experts at seeing the little things.

"The time traveler." Their conversation is always about the old; he longs, he clings to remote stories that no longer contribute anything to the company, his mental residence is the past.

Does your organization have any "donations" for this new museum?


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