PAG: a unique experience to change the way you see and do business

February 29 2016
Executive Education INCAE

"With the experience that I have lived in these weeks, the word that comes to my mind is 'innovation'. I know that the PAG already has its years of existence, but for me it is something totally new. I have completed my university bachelor's degree, two Master's degrees and some business specialties and nothing has been as enriching as this, "said Iriana Chávez Acosta, Director of Institutional Management and Quality at Hospital Clínica Bíblica.

Chávez is part of the group of professionals from eight Latin American countries that a couple of week ago began the Senior Management Program (PAG), a full month that promises to change their ways of seeing and doing business through a modern, innovative and participatory perspective. .

With a multicultural and multidisciplinary faculty, the great attraction of this leading program in the region lies precisely in its ability to enrich the knowledge of decision makers from a practical and entertaining approach, which is enriched with current examples and the interaction of its own participants. A methodology like few others for a challenge like few others: change.

"One sees the application of all these concepts in everything, not only in the work area, everything is related, whether it is economics, finance or human resources ... We are putting together a skeleton of knowledge and although cases from different industries are analyzed , I can identify aspects to implement within my hospital, within my health sector and my work environment, "added Chávez.

This mix of visions between professionals from different areas and latitudes and the access to a network of more than 14.000 graduates also explain the success of the PAG in meeting its objectives and the great appeal of a program that after more than 50 years does not stop. impress your attendees.

"There are two elements of great value here: on the one hand, the enormous experience of the teachers, which is an invaluable resource, the practices and examples with which we work is very enriching; on the other, we are the students themselves, a group of professionals that we have. our own experiences and that when we expose them in one way or another is where the solutions to the problems come out, "said Venezuelan Juan José Oberto, commercial manager in the area of ​​telecommunications and mass consumption, another of the participants in this edition.

The Senior Management Program that will run until the beginning of March, will start again on May 12 in Panama with its modular version, an experience that will take its participants through Peru (June) and Costa Rica (July) and that has already opened your enrollment period.

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