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INCAE Inaugurates Casa BAC Credomatic on its Campus in Nicaragua

22 October 2015 (Magda Montiel)

INCAE inaugurated an executive residence at the Francisco de Sola Campus in Nicaragua on October 20, following the donation of BAC│Credomatic for its remodeling. The event was chaired by Enrique Bolaños, Rector of INCAE and Ernesto Castegnaro, CEO of BAC│Credomatic Network.

Ernesto Castegnaro is a member of the Board of Directors of INCAE, President of the National Committee of Costa Rica and Distinguished Graduate in 2009. During the inauguration the members of the Board of Directors of BAC│Credomatic, members of the National Committee of INCAE and its faculty also attended. educational institution.

The houses, which were remodeled by architect Eduardo Chamorro with a fresh design inspired by Mediterranean villas, are temporary homes for executives who come to INCAE to develop their managerial skills. Each room has a bathroom and personal study area, and the house is equipped with a kitchen and living room to provide a space for networking among executive participants.

"The remodeling of the campus is directly linked to the impact that INCAE can have in the region and for this reason we are very happy to be able to count on the generosity of leading companies in our area such as BAC | Credomatic", stated Enrique Bolaños in his speech. This project was carried out thanks to the generosity of more than a dozen leading companies and individuals from Nicaragua and the region, such as BAC│Credomatic.
The residence, called BAC Credomatic, was part of the remodeling project for the executive residences on the Nicaragua Campus. A total of US $ 2.5 million was invested in the renovation of 20 houses that now provide 82 very comfortable individual rooms for executives who choose INCAE to advance their professional development.

BAC│Credomatic joins a group of donors led by Carlos F. Pellas Ch. That includes the brothers Gómez César, the Alberto and Berta Chamorro Foundation, Jaime Montealegre, José Ignacio González, the Manzanares Ortiz family, Casa Pellas, Cargill, Banco de Finanzas (BDF), Banco Industrial de Guatemala, Ficohsa from Honduras, Durman Esquivel and family from Costa Rica, Fundación Alberto Motta and Alberto Vallarino from Panama and the BAC Florida Bank.

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