More women decide to live the INCAE Global EMBA experience

28 2015 September
Randall Corella Vargas

More and more women are taking a step forward in their professional training and decide to live the experience of INCAE Executive MBA.

Female representation in our renowned executive mastery has grown to the point of doubling in the most recent editions. From the 15% of women who took the Executive EMBA in 2012, the number grew to 25% in 2014 and 30% in 2015.

Women from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador and Honduras decided to strengthen their leadership and managerial skills, with a learning model focused on their current business environment.

These are professionals in the areas of banking and finance, hotels, construction, health, education and telephony, among others, who found a way to complement their family and business roles.

"The INCAE experience for a woman who is a professional, mother and wife is a challenge, it requires an extraordinary balance, in relation to time and priorities, it is not easy, but as a woman it is a very enriching experience. The most important learning that I have been able to apply in my professional life is to prioritize and recognize what is really important to me ”, highlights the Colombian Ana María Corrales, from Global EMBA 2016.

For the Panamanian Cinthya Camargo, Latin American women have strengths that women from other regions do not possess and can seek highly specialized academic environments to improve their quality of life.

"Women are complete entities, one does not have to wait to have the necessary income to do a master's degree, one only has to propose to study, either alone or with someone, we have to have the ability to say 'I want to improve' and that is what that must be born of you ”, explains the participant of the EMBA 2015.

For her part, the Guatemalan Ada Hurtarte, from EMBA 2016, the first step is to recognize the influence of women in her society, in her community and in her family, regardless of whether they have a large or small business project.

“Become aware of the power that you really have, you can change the course of what moves around you, direct great changes. They are pillars in many situations, especially those professional women who are venturing into spaces where there are men, "he says.

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