INCAE Business School signs an agreement to create a new scholarship fund for alumni of Colegio Centro América | INCAE

INCAE Business School signs agreement to create a new scholarship fund for alumni of Colegio Centro América

08 2015 September (Esteban Zolezzi)

INCAE, at the initiative of the brothers Duilio and José Antonio Baltodano Cabrera, created a scholarship fund intended for graduates of Colegio Centro América to qualify for the quality higher education provided by INCAE's MBA. On September 4, the rector Enrique Bolaños signed an agreement for the creation of this scholarship fund with an important contribution donated by the brothers as seed capital.

The Baltodano brothers, some members of the INCAE faculty, Enrique Bolaños himself, and dozens of Incaistas are graduates of Colegio Centro América. The impact that the education provided by this school has had on the youth in Nicaragua is remarkable, and therefore it becomes natural to join forces with INCAE to finish completing this comprehensive training and thus contribute so that more Nicaraguan young people can develop their full intellectual capacity. , moral and leadership.

"Many times young people with enormous leadership potential such as those who leave Colegio Centro América cannot opt ​​for postgraduate studies in the best institutions due to lack of financial aid. Thanks to the sensitivity and leadership of Duilio and José Antonio Baltodano and in the future from other graduates, these young people will be able to opt for the training given by INCAE ", declared Enrique Bolaños.

According to the agreement, one or more candidates per year, depending on financial need, may receive the scholarship. Among the requirements to apply for these scholarships, in addition to being a graduate of Colegio Centro América and having been admitted to the program, it is important that you have demonstrated your leadership potential, your well-founded ethical and moral principles, and that you have a proven need for financial resources. . INCAE's Financial Assistance Committee will be responsible for awarding the Scholarship.

From now on INCAE, together with Duilio and José Antonio Baltodano, invite other Incaistas and graduates of the Colegio Centroamérica, to contribute to this fund to continue its growth and expansion and thus allow more young people to be eligible for this transformation process than will give you the INCAE experience.

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