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They will present innovative proposals to improve health conditions in Central America

February 06 2015 (Mauren Esquivel)
• 16 initiatives seek to optimize the difficult health situation in the region, five of them correspond to our country, and the CCSS will be announced to the authorities Corobicide Hotel Event.
• The activity will feature the participation of David Goodman, recognized international expert, who will speak about "How to Transform the Quality and Efficiency of Health Systems".
This Friday, February 6, at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Corobicí from 9:30 am, the 16 initiatives that aim to positively impact the way of providing health services in Central America will be announced. The activity is promoted by the Central American Healthcare Initiative (CAHI), in alliance with INCAE Business School.
The event for the presentation of ideas will be attended by the Minister of Health María Elena López, as well as other representatives of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) and leaders of the main medical centers in the country.
In addition, during the activity there will be a talk by international expert David Goodman who will talk about the tools to transform the quality and efficiency of health systems.
"The creators of the initiatives are part of CAHI's Innovative Leaders Program, an organization that aims to provide the necessary tools to support people with leadership capacity who want to implement, scale and replicate innovative projects that improve access to health in Central America" , explained Luis Figueroa, executive director of CAHI.
Initiatives for Costa Rica:
• Improvement of the efficiency of the surgical waiting list at Hospital San Juan de Dios.
• One Click Health: Connecting patients, families and doctors with IT apps. Appointments, follow-up, and education.
• Systematize and increase voluntary blood donations through a comprehensive promotion plan.
• Prevention of diseases and mortality in the indigenous communities of Talamanca.
• Accompaniment and navigation of breast cancer patients.
Health reality in Central America
According to Figueroa, Central America is a region with great challenges in terms of access and quality of health care.
In some Central American countries, health indicators show alarming levels, as in the case of child malnutrition, while the State social security covers only a part of the population, leaving a significant percentage of people unprotected.
This critical situation is accentuated in rural areas, where poverty, marginalization and the lack of the most basic services make up the most common scenario.
"CAHI seeks to improve this reality, through the promotion of access to better health care for less favored Central Americans. Our work focuses on the study and dissemination of best practices, on the promotion of innovative projects and the use of technology in health matters and, finally, in the promotion of a more efficient management of the services and available resources ", commented Figueroa.

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