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Work & Study

The Work and Study program is a condition for all those candidates who receive financial support from INCAE. It consists in the fact that the student must collaborate for a certain number of hours during the first and second year of the Master's degree, in a project created by the institution, or failing that, proposed by the student himself. The number of hours is calculated based on the percentage of financial support that the student has received with respect to the cost of tuition. Participating in a Work & Study project in both the first year and the second year is one of the requirements for maintaining and renewing financial aid during the Program. The particularity of this program is that there is flexibility in the schedule, which allows it to be combined with study schedules, in order to avoid harming the student's academic performance. Here you will find some examples of completed projects:

Blogging for INCAE networks

It consists of making blog entries and articles to the master's degree website platform in order to help other people to know, from a different point of view from a current student, what INCAE is like from the inside. Material is generated weekly that is reported to the corresponding address and then published on our networks. The student makes a number of materials that are counted by hours and reported for consideration in the project.

Analysis of Student Debt

Led by the financial branch of Masters. The students who participated in this project led by Susana Alonso, Associate Director of Finance for Master's Degrees, were asked to carry out a study of the level of indebtedness of current students in the Master's section.

This project consisted of analysis based on financial documents presented by students who actually entered and sat in the different programs of the last 5 years and then presented the results to the competent authorities, carrying out objectives and aspects defined during the project.

Systematization of the B-learning course on Renewable Energies for Sustainable Rural Development.

Planning and execution of tasks for the B-Learning course on Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development. This course is given within the framework of the Alliance for the Strengthening of Capacities and Competencies for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Central America. The students are in charge of the project under the leadership of Ana María Majano MA and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.