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Learn about the master's application process, and how to prepare in the best way to take your admission exam to INCAE Business School.


"We are looking for profiles with potential for impact and with an international mentality, who seek to understand the challenges and opportunities that arise in a globalized business environment."

- Karla Sanchez

The Financial Aid Department shows how to plan the investment in your master's degree, the different financing options available, and guides you through the process of how to apply for the financial aid we have for you.

"A fundamental objective is to help those interested in doing an MBA at INCAE to understand the Master's Degree as an investment and not as an expense"

-Susan Alonso

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INCAE is a machine for the production and exchange of knowledge, and it is not limited to what happens in the classroom. Find out about the most recent events of the School in the fields of research, executive programs, seminars and masters, and how you can get involved.


Take the test

Among the main requirements to apply for an INCAE master's degree is taking an admission test. The academy takes several tests as valid; some are applied by INCAE in its different campuses in the associated countries, and others are administered externally.

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Recruitment Team

The INCAE Recruitment team is made up of a group of professionals who will accompany you at all times, from your first approach with the School, until the day of your eventual entry to the master's degree. We have representatives throughout Latin America to assist you during your admission process.

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