Selection of the Test | INCAE

To apply to INCAE's master's programs, it is a requirement that applicants take one of the three exams that the institution accepts in the admission process: GMAT, INCAE exam or GRE. It makes no difference which of them is chosen.

It should be taken into account that of the three tests, only the admission exam is administered by INCAE, so if any of the other two evaluations are chosen, they must be carried out by the applicant at the responsible facility in their respective country. .

To apply to the Global MBA program, applicants must present a test that demonstrates their command of the English language: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Duolingo.


The GMAT test is an adaptive computerized assessment, with proven validity in predicting a prospective student's first-year master's success. More than 5400 programs around the world use it as a consistent and objective way to compare applicants, regardless of their education, age, gender or country of origin. Its purpose is to assess whether the candidate is prepared for the demanding levels of a master's program.



The GRE general test is a test of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing, used by aspiring masters and business schools around the world. Applicants come from widely diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, and the GRE offers a common metric for comparing candidates' qualifications. Scores are used by admissions and scholarship committees to supplement college transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other degrees that the candidate submits to apply to graduate studies.

NOTE: The range of test scores accepted by INCAE (GRE, GMAT and INCAE admission exam) is very wide and there is no minimum score required to guarantee the applicant's acceptance. The exam is just one more component to be evaluated by the Admission Committee to consolidate the acceptance or not of a student.


Duolingo English Test

Duolingo has enabled an English language proficiency certification system for INCAE MBA candidates. This test can be taken at any time through a mobile device or computer, it takes a few minutes and the results can be viewed by the institution in 48 hours.