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About Us

The Advancement & Alumni Affairs office works to bring this community of decision makers closer together with the purpose of creating networking opportunities that contribute to the advancement and personal and professional development of the entire Incaista community and thus increase its impact on their companies, communities and countries.

The office is in charge of relations between INCAE and all of its main stakeholders - including its more than 17,200 graduates, allies, companies and individuals - offering different channels of collaboration to create a win-win relationship from which great value is generated for those involved.

With the aim of strengthening the relationship between its graduates and their Alma Mater, a new strategy was created based on five pillars: the incorporation of students and graduates in advisory boards, the continuity in the learning of our graduates through the Lifelong Learning Program , the growth of their professional lives through a new mentoring program, the participation of the Alumni in the different initiatives of “Giving” with an emphasis on the Country Scholarship and the institutional strategy and finally, to promote more and more the recognition of those Incaistas success stories. 

To date, this school has 17,200 Incaistas, of which more than 8,500 have successfully completed their degree program. This vast network is diverse as it has graduates of more than 30 different nationalities, located in 60 countries, and historically made up of more than 20% women, a trend that is increasing year after year. In 2019, of the 203 professionals who started their residential master's degree, 40% were women.

INCAE maintains direct contact with the network of graduates, among whom Managers, Directors and Presidents of important companies in the public and private sector, as well as great entrepreneurs in the region, set the standard for the development of the countries where they serve. 

The Team

  • michelle johnson

    Director of Institutional Advancement, Strategic Partnerships
  • Wendy Rodriguez

    Director of Institutional Advancement, LatAm
  • Alexandra Abarca

    Advancement & Alumni Affairs Manager
  • Adriana gardina

    Foundations & Cooperation Manager
  • Andrea Manzanares placeholder image

    Manager Major Gifts
  • Carol Fonseca

    Fund Officer Nicaragua & USA, Communications Alumni Affairs
  • Francys Aragon

    Alumni Campaigns Coordinator
  • Aixa gonzalez

    Fund Officer & Alumni, Panama
  • Alejandra Loria

    Fund Officer & Alumni, El Salvador
  • Veronica Perez

    Database and Prospects Coordinator
  • Alejandro Rosales placeholder image

    Junior Data Strategist
  • Kattya Rojas

    Executive Assistant
  • Karla Seville

    Executive Assistant