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Alumni Magazine

It is a great pleasure to present you the annual INCAE Alumni magazine. The objective of this magazine is to share with you some of the advances, improvements, trends and news of your INCAE. 

Just as INCAE marked milestones in our own lives, our institution has been marked by milestones during its 54-year history that have made it what it is now. It was moments, people, and entire generations that have marked the spirit of INCAE forever. This edition of the Alumni Magazine seeks to revisit these milestones.

Alumni Magazine 2019

The Alumni Magazine 2019 shows INCAE's effort to generate an impact beyond business and invites you to be part of this change. Let us disseminate, participate and contribute to the different actions of our INCAE family and let us be part of the positive impact that changes the future of our countries. We hope you enjoy this new edition of the Alumni Magazine.

2018 edition

We invite you to download the 2018 edition of the Alumni Magazine in which we revisit the most relevant milestones of the INCAE Experience.