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  • INCAE Giving Day

    From November 22 to 30 we will be celebrating INCAE Giving Day, days where graduates, friends and allies from around the world come together to make a difference with their contributions to INCAE.

    All donations made on this date will be part of INCAE Giving Day. 

  • INCAE Business Review

    The iconic INCAE magazine returns

    The CLACDS team is very honored and proud to contribute to the first edition of INCAE Business Review dedicated to managing the COVID-19 crisis. We trust that this magazine provides valuable content so that our organizations can better navigate this storm and that readers can reflect on the changes necessary for us to build more just, prosperous and sustainable societies in the long term. 

    We invite you to subscribe so that you continue to receive the new editions of our magazine.

  • COVID-19: INCAE Information and Resource Center

    Like everyone else, INCAE is rapidly adapting to the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 and its impact on the region and the world. Through the website COVID-19: INCAE Information and Resource Center, we want to keep you informed about our internal measures and the latest articles, webinars and podcasts from INCAE regarding the effects of this pandemic that affects Latin America and the entire world. May enter here.

  • Welcome Incaistas

    We want to help you enhance your professional development through the Lifelong Learning Program, created especially for you. Tea We invite you to participate in our events, initiatives and programs so that you can reconnect with your colleagues, create new contacts, participate in the mentoring program and participate in executive programs to continue your training. You can write to us in case you have any questions.

  • INCAE Executive Club

    INCAE Executive Club offers you the opportunity to reconnect with former colleagues and at the same time expand your professional network using the trusted INCAE Business School environment.

    Find your classmates who studied with you, remember the common past with them, see what they have been doing and keep in touch. Expand your professional network to connect with people you should know.

  • INCAE Giving Day
  • INCAE Business Review
  • COVID-19: INCAE Information and Resource Center
  • Welcome Incaistas
  • INCAE Executive Club


November 3, 2020

The world has changed, all areas are being immersed in technology and digitization, which have had to adapt to stay afloat. 

Using tools to analyze data and thus manage to face the transformations is essential in ...

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Extraordinary donor support to MAB students

April 07 2022

In Latin America, the agribusiness and food sectors have assumed an increasingly important role, decisively driving the economies of most developing countries. 

It is a fact that, to achieve this, professionals who already work in said...

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Inca benefits

Learn about the Alumni benefits

As a graduate you have the opportunity to obtain benefits, one of them is through the Graduate network and the interaction throughout the activities that take place in the Institution, you can access and continuously update your data. You can also find from: access to the Alumni Intranet, discounts on programs and as a donor Alumni. We trust that these benefits are very useful since they are made exclusively for you.