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For six decades, INCAE has transformed the way of doing business in Latin America, positively impacting the region. Our mission has been to promote the comprehensive development of countries by training leaders, which we have achieved with a firm commitment to quality and excellence in our programs, and maintaining a top-level faculty from the most prestigious schools in the world.

Our faculty leads all of our undergraduate and executive programs, through the case method inherited from our founding Harvard Business School, and which is maintained today and is applied in all the classes we teach. The case method together with the participatory modality in the classrooms is what allows our students to develop in the best way, risk making decisions, analyze and evaluate the best options, and learn to lead effectively. Our students graduate from INCAE to be agents of change in their businesses, societies, and in their countries.

Beyond our programs, INCAE has three applied research centers focused on: competitiveness and sustainable development, collaborative leadership, and entrepreneurship. We actively participate in forums for dialogue on current issues, debates on the economy, social progress, ethics, women's leadership, among others.

I invite you to learn more about our institution and our programs, how INCAE will help you to be successful leaders by applying ethics, sustainability and excellence in everything you do. In this school they will meet the best mentors and friends, and a community that will last for the rest of their lives.

Enrique Bolanos
President, INCAE Business School

Our Mission

Actively contribute to the sustainable development of the countries served, with the transforming education of leaders in key sectors of society. To be a knowledge center of reference in the region with world-class management practices, as well as attitudes and values, through:

  • Investigate, teach and disseminate concepts and techniques;
  • Strengthen the capabilities of inclusive thinking and innovation with respect to economic, social and political phenomena; and
  • Promote understanding, dialogue and cooperation between people, sectors and countries.

Latin American Leadership. Global Competitiveness.

Key areas of action

To fulfill its Mission, INCAE Business School is based on three key areas of action:

Organizational chart

Learn here about the main structures of the Institutional Organization Chart of INCAE Business School.