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It is the supreme authority of INCAE Business School. It is made up of a Director from each member country, who in turn are the Presidents of the National Committees of said countries. Likewise, it has Directors without territorial affiliation, a President, a Vice President and the Rector. Its main functions include:

  • Outline the general policy of the Institute.
  • Approve, with the assistance of the Faculty, the Mission of the Institute and its long-term plans and strategies.
  • Ensure the academic excellence of the Institute.
  • Approve the different ranks of the academic ladder and the general conditions for the appointment, promotion and removal from the Faculty.
  • Approve degree programs; and to ensure that all activities are consistent with the Mission and objectives of the Institute.
  • Agree on the conferral of academic degrees to candidates who have satisfactorily completed the corresponding study programs.
  • Grant honorary degrees and other distinctions.

Rector's Advisory Council

It is made up of leaders from Latin America and the United States, who provide external support, perspective, and ideas to the Institute to ensure that INCAE and its programs continue to reflect and respond to the critical issues facing the region.

National Committees

The founding of INCAE in the 60s was led by an association of Central American businessmen, headed by Francisco de Sola. From this association the National Committees of INCAE were subsequently born, guiding and supporting bodies for the growth and development of the institution in each of the six founding countries. In 1982, Ecuador was incorporated as the seventh member country of INCAE.

Currently, the National Committees contribute to increasing INCAE's impact in each of the countries in which they serve, through:

  • Representation of the feelings of each member country of INCAE, through the participation of its president in the Board of Directors.
  • Advice on the relevance of INCAE programs to respond to the needs of each country.
  • Identification of areas in which INCAE can support the development of a member country.
  • Promotion of public interest in INCAE programs and activities.
  • Support to the institution in the approach and involvement of its graduates.
  • Accompaniment to the institution in the fundraising process.

INCAE maintains its National Committees in: Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

Robert Artavia
Xavier Arguello Carazo
Alexandra Araujo de Sola
Director for El Salvador
Francisco RR de Sola
Active Director Emeritus
Maria Eugenia Brizuela
Vice President
Danilo Siekavizza
Director for Guatemala
Angelo caputi
Director for Ecuador
danilo lackey
Director Emeritus
Brizio Biondi-Morra
President Emeritus
Tanya Avellan Pinoargote
Camilo Atala
Director for Honduras
Diego herrera
Director for Panama
Stephan schmidheiny
Director Emeritus
Enrique Bolanos
Advisory Board
Stanley motta
Copa Holdings (PAC Chair)
Alberto Poma placeholder image
Oak Group
Alejandro Hanono
Vicsons Enterprises
Alexander Bachmann
Alex. brown
Alexandra Aguirre
Morrison & Foerster LLP
Andreas Eggenberg
Brizio Biondi-Morra
Bruce burdett
Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Cortés
Carlos Quiros
E&Y Central America, Inc.
Carlos Reynaldo Lacayo
Calsa Group
Central American
Christophe Venghiattis
Arrocera Venllano, SA
Danilo Siekavizza
Sika Group
Diego Herrera Dutari
Galindo, Arias & López
Donald T Fox
Fox, Horan & Camerini, LLP
Eli mizrachi
Mizratex Free Zone
Emmanuel seidner
Santa Fe Laboratories
Eric R. Brenner
Techno Sigma
Erik peterson
Patricia Price Peterson Foundation
Ernest Cruz Jr.
Credit Suisse
Federico Sacasa
Ferdinand Duke
Buenaventura Development Corporation, SA
Fernando Paiz placeholder image
Cidco, SA
Fernando Zavala
Intercorp Group
Francis Durman
Montecristo Group
Francis Rooney
Rooney Holdings
Francis Ponce
Poultry Technique
Francisco RR de Sola
Herberth de Sola Foundation
Frank D.Robleto
BAC Florida Bank
Gaston monge
Monge Group
George Cabot Lodge
Harvard Business School
Harry strachan
Mesoamerica Investments
Jaime Montealegre
Jimmy Yohoros
Kadima Holdings, SA
Jose Antonio Baltodano
Mercon Coffee Group
Joseph Fidanque
Fidanque Group
John Baptist Sacasa
Lucia Paiz
Patol Group
Mauricio Ortiz
BSCI Latam
Mauricio Ramos
Millicom (You)
Michael C Williams
Hogan Lovells Us LLP
Nicholas Gonzalez-Revilla
Onda Cable
Patricia de Parras
Avance Engineers SA de CV
Patricia Menendez-Cambo
Ramon Aguilar
GBM Corporation
Ricardo Alberto Arias placeholder image
Galindo, Arias & López
Robert A. Jeffe
Hawkwood Energy
Robert Artavia
VIVA Trust
Roberto Cuevas
Roberto González
Costa Rican VISA
Robert Kriete
MRO Holdings
Rodrigo Uribe
Grupo Cuestamoras Internacional GCMI, S, A.
Rodrigo Zamora Teran
Rogelio Sanchez
Stephen Smith
Em Link, LLC
steve aronson
Café Britt
Susana from Sola Funsten
Loyola Marymount University
viviana callahan
Latin American Agribusiness Development (LAAD)
Vicente Pascual
VP Investment Corp.
Walter Kissling Jimenez
Walman SA
Welby leaman
Xavier Argüello Carazo
INCAE Business School
Xavier Vargas
Cargill Central America
Francisco de Sola Society
Stephan schmidtheiny
Stanley motta
Harry strachan
steve aronson
Poma Foundation
Robert Kriete
Ernest Castegnaro
Rodrigo Uribe
Jaime Montealegre Cargill
Dwight Poler
Joshua & Anita Berkenstein
Gómez César Brothers
Stephen Pagliuca
Durman Esquivel, SA
Alberto & Berta Chamorro Foundation
Alberto vallarino
Barry hershey
Fernando Paiz Andrade placeholder image
George W Logan
Jorge Vallarino Struntz
Ricardo Sagrera Bogle
Baltodano Cabrera Family
Erik peterson
Florida Ice & Farm
B.A.C. Credomatic
Berta & Gilberto Perezalonso
Kissling Jiménez Family
Corporate Partners
Banco BAC San José
BAC Credomatic
Bayer Central America
Café Britt
Coca Cola FEMSA
Colliers International
Copa Airlines
Deloitte & Touche
General Motors
Siemens SAC
The World Bank
LL Bean
nokia siemens
Procter & Gamble
Costa Rica National Committee
El Salvador National Committee
Guatemala National Committee
Honduras National Committee
Panama National Committee