INCAE Business School

Latin American Leadership. Global Competitiveness.

We promote the development of the region through the training of leaders, applied research and the promotion of intersectoral dialogue. Sustainable development in Latin America requires responsible, innovative and up-to-date leaders.

As the best business school in Latin America, INCAE has promoted the progress of Latin American society, through the training of talent from regional leaders through Master's Degrees and Executive Programs.

For almost six decades, we have worked alongside companies, international organizations and professionals of the highest caliber to solve problems, develop capabilities and prepare them to respond to the demands of the future.

This global perspective has been enriched by a comprehensive vision of sustainability pioneered in the region that involves social responsibility, shared value in the first decade of the new century, and more recently the Social Progress Index as a valuable measure to achieve well-being and raise the competitiveness of Latin America.

INCAE Key Areas of Action

  • Formation and development

    Our MBAs and Executive Programs provide tools to fully develop their integral leadership and immediately impact their organizations and environment.INCAE trains professionals capable of leading change processes, overcoming competitiveness challenges and taking advantage of growth opportunities to transform their businesses and sectors.
  • Applied Research Centers and Chairs

    In line with the mission of promoting sustainable development in the region, INCAE has research and impact centers to provide analysis tools and content for decision-making, the development of best practices in organizations and sectors, and the design of policies. regional
  • Forums for dialogue and economic, social and business debate

    - Central American Forum of Presidents and Entrepreneurs - Sustainability Forums - Leadership Forums - Euro-American Conference of Women Leaders

Get to know the Faculty that provides a first level education

Global experts with regional knowledge. His research and practical experience are geared toward a problem-solving approach that creates lasting value and impact, teaching the latest business trends and applying the most innovative management tools. 95% made up of professors with doctoral degrees from the world's most prestigious universities and schools, they come from 16 different nationalities and work in more than 18 countries.

Case method: a look at business life

INCAE uses a comprehensive training model to achieve the development of three key aspects for the leadership of organizations: relational, intellectual and practical. It focuses on the analysis of situations faced by companies on a daily basis, with tools designed to impart comprehensive knowledge that is attached to reality, such as: the case method developed by Harvard Business School, simulations, coaching processes, and indoor and outdoor activities. .

Our network of graduates

INCAE has graduated more than 19 people from more than 000 countries from its master's and senior management programs, and has contributed to the training of tens of thousands of professionals and senior managers through its executive programs. INCAE maintains direct contact with the network of graduates, among whom Managers, Directors and Presidents of important companies and representatives of the public and private sectors set the standard for the development of the countries where they serve with their leadership.