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President and founder of Roberto Artavia Consultoría Internacional; President of Viva Trust, the largest productive-philanthropic trust serving Latin America and of Fundación Viva Idea, an organization for knowledge management on issues of strategy, leadership, social responsibility and sustainable development.

He is President of the Board of Directors of INCAE Business School; He chairs the Board of Directors of Fundación Marviva; the Board of Directors of Mapfre in Costa Rica and the Board of Directors of Fundación Victoria in Nicaragua.


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Country of origin:
Costa Rica
Country of Residence:
Office Tel .:
+506 2437-2200
Postal address: 
Campus Walter Kissling Gam 960-4050 Alajuela Costa Rica


  • PhD - Harvard University School of Business
  • MBA - INCAE Business Administration
  • Engineering - Naval Engineer from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point

Teaching areas

  • Agribusiness and Food
  • Strategy
  • Production

Work experience

Director of Industrias Cerveceras Centroamericanas, SA and his company Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua, as well as a member of the Audit and Risk Committee of Castillo Hermanos in Guatemala; Director of NAVSAT of Costa Rica; the Saprissa Foundation, the Gente Foundation, the Technological Research Club, and the Horizonte Positivo Association, among others.

He was Director of Copa Airlines, in which he also chaired the Audit Committee and was a member of its Governance Committee; and was Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC; He was also Director and Member of the Audit Committees of Diebold, Inc. in the United States and Masisa, SA in Chile, as well as a member of their respective audit and risk committees; both companies listed on the stock exchange of their respective nation.

He was Rector of INCAE Business School, Director-Founder of the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS); and in the past he was director of CINDE, the investment promotion agency of Costa Rica. He was Founder and Vice President of the Social Progress Imperative, the organization that publishes the global social progress index.

He has served as an advisor and consultant for dozens of non-profit organizations including Fundación Acción Joven in Costa Rica; Fundación Paraguaya, FUNDESA in Guatemala, the Institute of Liberty and Democracy in Peru; FUSADES in El Salvador; UCCAEP in Costa Rica; the Panama Canal Authority and the Transparency Commission of Panama (Commission of Panama Papers); FIDE and COHEP in Honduras; Fedepricap at the Central American regional level, and ORREDES in the Argentine Northwest, among many others.

He has been an advisor to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the National Chamber of Tourism in the formulation and deployment of Costa Rica's national tourism strategy for more than 20 years; has advised the Government of Paraguay, especially its Planning Secretariat and Ministry of Finance in the articulation and deployment of the 2030 National Development Plan.

He has been a consultant for governments and integration organizations in Central America, Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand) on issues of competitiveness and development; and from various governments of Latin America on issues of competitive strategy, innovation, tourism, and / or investment attraction.

In the business field, he has been a consultant for companies in all the nations of the Central American region and in several of South America, including CODACA-Grupo Hino, Grupo Pellas in Nicaragua, Purdy Motor, Grupo Nación, Alimentos Pro-Salud, TicoFruit, ILG Logistics , America Free Trade Zone, Auto Mercado, Zona Franca del Coyol, AVON, Garnier & Garnier, Grupo Cóndor and many others.

He is the author of several books and academic articles focused on the measurement of development; in sustainable development, in regional integration and in matters of competitive strategy, corporate governance, social responsibility and agro-industries. He was a columnist for El Financiero for more than 10 years.

Doctorate from Harvard University School of Business (1992); MBA from INCAE Business School (1982) and Naval Mechanical Engineer from United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point (1980).

Married to Marcella Cuadra Miranda for 37 years, he has 3 children and three grandchildren. He resides in Costa Rica.